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The Three Peaks – How to Ride a Bike

With 18 finishes over the years at the 3 Peaks, Alex Forrester is a familiar face. Alex, author of the Cyclocross Bible and a well-known UK Cyclocross figure, has a couple of blogs on his ‘How to ride a bike’ site.

1. An article on the approach to the 3 Peaks, aimed at first time / curious… “The Three Peaks

Lot’s of people try hard on the day, but it’s training that makes the difference. I’m sure everyone tries hard in their exams at school, but it’s only those who’ve done the revision that will reap the rewards. The really smart ones go to the lessons and revise the really important bits of the course, working on their weaknesses, and honing their strength areas. The Three Peaks is no different.

2. A review of his 2018 3 Peaks … a great blog where we get to hear those familiar feelings of the emotional and mental ups and downs as well as the physical ones

It was one of those days where I just couldn’t push on the pedals hard enough, go deep, get in the zone, however you want to put it. I’d done so much training and really focused on this event so it was tough to see the front of the race drift away from me, especially as it was as we passed by my dedicated, cheering mum. I knew my running form was good so resolved to make back time as soon as we hit the steep slopes of Simon Fell.

I did indeed make up some ground here, along with legend, team mate and long-time mentor Tim Gould. If you’d told me 25 years ago I’d be racing Tim up Simon Fell I’d not have believed you. Racing round with Tim that day is a memory I’ll keep!

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