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September 2009

One black dot (Paul Kelsall)’s first timer’s blog post

Flickr group opened….

Huntingdonshire travellers hit the north

Richard Seipp’s 2009 ride – a tale of a man’s relationship with his bike

Shaggy’s Singlespeed record: full blog post

Dave Powell – second time out and all the wiser

Steve Riley’s debut – “Vertical Chess”’s own site report ‘Team’ photos

Jason Miles: Rushed bike build but all came well in the end

Mick Kenyon’s photos from Penyghent Lane

‘Flyer’ in the 2009 program from Kevin White

Chris Pedder’s blog of the 2009 race –

Alan Dorrington’s trouble-free ride: something to build on.

Cycling Weekly Andy Jones pics 2009

Ian Hodgson hi res photos show the battle in detail

Yorkshire Post online report

Preview from XXC Mag

Photos from Brunscar Lane – a Flickr set by

Team Inov8 ‘team’ blog post

More photos on Flickr: CameraRepublic

My snaps from before and after

Cycling Weekly’s 2009 report

Singlespeed “record” crucified

More photos on Flickr: Wig Worland and

Trio’s premier

My own blog post about the 2009 race

STACKS of Early 2009 Photos on Flickr

Previews in the online media

Nick’s tips

The Three Bike “Strategy” explained

Lengthy posts in Singletrack forum

In Readiness

Fridays in Helmshore – our own little Helwith Bridge

Steve Riley: “the bemused looking bloke, trying to work the shifters”

September’s mismatch

Gears and gear

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