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Singlespeed blues from Dave Barter

I have a mixed relationship with singlespeed riding.  I used to ride a bit of singlespeed MTB as a fun / hack / hassle free bike and had some fun times on it somehow – but to race on Singlespeed against people on gears seems a great cycling oxymoron. Essentially thought, this is the three peaks, and if you ever thought it was a level playing field you’d be sectioned.  It’s a playing field though.

Dave Barter has put together a truly great heart-felt blog post here, complete with lots of F-Word stuff so don’t show your mums. 

He even took a few photos mid-ride.  Casual but committed to blogging.  Like it.

I reckon I had 30 seconds of easy pedaling to the bridge then it all kicked off. Suddenly my cadence was in the 200rpm area as I fought tooth and nail to stick to the wheel in front. “F**k me we’re doing 27mph!” I heard. didn’t I know it. Within one mile I was at lactate threshold just trying to hold on. “A hill, a hill….my kingdom for a hill” I thought, anything to make the furious spinning stop. Less than five minutes into the race and I wanted to get off.

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