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Jack splats

Jack Chevell, freelance photographer, cycling aficionado, author of has written a great photo-blog of his first 3 Peaks over on CXHairs

50 competitors first struggle up the 45 degree ascent of Ingleborough. Their bikes flat across their backs, grabbing handfuls of grass to steady themselves. To reach the second peak, Whernside, they must cross the exposed high moors. When the weather is bad, this stretch can be wind blasted and hub deep in mud. Whernside is known for it’s very fast descent over granite slabs, rocks and rain gullies. The final peak, Pen Y Ghent is at a lower elevation, but with so much running (if you want to win) or trudging (if you want to finish) in the legs already, is often the toughest.

Jack didn’t finish the race…

Over I went, landing on my shoulder and smashing my collarbone. I got up and rode for a bit because I wanted to pretend I was fine, like on the TV, but I clearly wasn’t. Everyone from this point was super kind. Thank you to the people who made sure I was looked after, and made me as comfortable as possible. I got a lift from ace MTB photographer Sam Needham (thanks again Sam) to find someone who could offer more medical expertise than my ‘It feels a bit crunchy’ diagnosis. Then a lift with a fellow collarbone cripple, who’d come off on a road section, back to Helwith Bridge.

His ace blog’s here 

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