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October 2013

2008 article for Cyclocross Magazine

A long and winding roadfull

Not quite ‘Go On Ian’ stuff, but

John North – tribute in Lancashire Telegraph

Phil Simcock: PB and hungry for 2014

Paul Myers’ PB … and a wonderful life coach

Stu Rider’s first time

Simon Fell and Scar Lane photos from Yellowberry

Tim Kelly – 56 Ribblehead Photos

50 Cold Cotes pics from Ben Green

Delia did it and Delia’s Dad did.

Westmorland Gazette: Jubilant Rob Jebb at the Peak of his powers after winning Three Peaks Cyclo Cross for a tenth time

Geek Out: Scot’s Split Times

James Thompson’s second 3 Peaks

Simon Scarsbrook – mojo regained – a three-chapter story

Rob Allen – First Time – a blog

Anarchy in the PyG – Delia Beddis’ wins the women’s race

Ray Stuart’s pics on

Crossjunkie reflects on how a few minor errors compund

Patrick Frost’s 182 Penyghent Flickr pics

54 Flickr pics from Jon Myhill

Budge bags a best

DrBernoulli – 97 Penyghent pics on Flickr

923 photos from Chris Meads photography

Jak Ba – 78 Ingleborough photos on Flickr

Great short 2013 film from Mike Simmonds

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