Beth’s Highs and Lows

Beth Hodge’s column on training for the 3 peaks is amusing and familiar to many of us Running up hills with a bike on your shoulder initially was quite fun. ‘Look at me’ I internally sang as I ran* (*slow plod) up the hill while other weekend warriors took the ‘easy’ route cycling up the […]


Gary Macdonald interviewed on Scottish Cyclocross “top 5 is a possibility”

Highlands rider Gary MacDonald’s first two 3 Peaks were very impressive. Inside of an Elite time on both occasions, Gary applied supreme fitness (podium-end of the epic Ben Nevis fell race) and enviable skills (Scottish motorcycle trials champion) to put together great rides, and the top non-English finisher both times. Asked on the Scottish Cyclocross […]


Brian Vernor 3 Peaks interview on the Ritchey site

Brian Vernor is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, photographer, artist and storyteller and he’s a cyclocross racer. Here he talks about his experience tackling Three Peaks Cyclocross in 2015 It’s called a cyclocross race, but really it’s a long distance adventure through the English countryside. The course carries you up and over three significant peaks, all of which force […]