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Crossjunkie’s Planet X 3 Peaks guide – part 2

Coming of Age: Simon Scarsbrook’s 18th bash

Countdown from Ed Sarmiento

3 Peaks series: Crossjunkie on Planet X Website

3 x 3 Peaks winners in one photo – 1970, Zolder

It’s cycling, it’s Yorkshire, and it’s NOT the 3 Peaks Cyclocross – SAMBA VELO

Edwin Oliver-Evans – “crazy”, “mad” and “dangerous”

2008 article for Cyclocross Magazine

A long and winding roadfull

Not quite ‘Go On Ian’ stuff, but

John North – tribute in Lancashire Telegraph

Phil Simcock: PB and hungry for 2014

Paul Myers’ PB … and a wonderful life coach

Stu Rider’s first time

Simon Fell and Scar Lane photos from Yellowberry

Tim Kelly – 56 Ribblehead Photos

50 Cold Cotes pics from Ben Green

Delia did it and Delia’s Dad did.

Westmorland Gazette: Jubilant Rob Jebb at the Peak of his powers after winning Three Peaks Cyclo Cross for a tenth time

Geek Out: Scot’s Split Times

James Thompson’s second 3 Peaks

Simon Scarsbrook – mojo regained – a three-chapter story

Rob Allen – First Time – a blog

Anarchy in the PyG – Delia Beddis’ wins the women’s race

Ray Stuart’s pics on

Crossjunkie reflects on how a few minor errors compund

Patrick Frost’s 182 Penyghent Flickr pics

54 Flickr pics from Jon Myhill

Budge bags a best

DrBernoulli – 97 Penyghent pics on Flickr

923 photos from Chris Meads photography

Jak Ba – 78 Ingleborough photos on Flickr

Great short 2013 film from Mike Simmonds

Someone’s been busy… 260 photos from Graham Atkinson

Richard Seipp’s PB

Jason’s off and an off day for Jason

Emma Osenton – getting it right first time

Ed Rollason’s PYG and ‘Above’ Cold Cotes photos

What’s the hoo haa all about?

48 lovely moody monochrome pics from Colliewobbles on Flickr

Mike Simmonds – 31 pics on UKCyclocross

Bradford Telegraph & Argus report & pics

SportSunday pics from … all around

48 Flickr photos from Horton from Paul Davy

101 Photos from Paul Hutton on Flickr

Day to forget for Singlespeeder Matt Brown

68 Photos from Gilly Dukes on Flickr

45 Photos from a miserable non -starter at Ribblehead

British Cycling’s 2013 write up

Mark Turner – ‘The Helper’

13 Photos from the busy Neil Coverley

“MoreCowbell” – 28 photos

Cycling Weekly 2013 report and gallery

Planet X 2013 Preview

Still going strong – Uber-favourite Rob Jebb prepared well, Wilkinson not to defend

The final 10%

Muddy Fox in Peak Condition

Awesome Descending Skills – A Crosstrax masterclass

Simon Fox honing and fine tuning…

Mitch Jones rides in 2013 for Strep B

3 Peaks training the Crosstrax way

Training for its own sake

Nowthen/Gruetzi from Switzerland – James Eddison gets fit, alpine style

Crossjunkie’s 30 days countdown

Three Peaks Cyclocross sadomasochism from Mr Sparkle

Facebook 3 Peaks Training Group

A twitter string about discs and bar-top levers

Blogger Down!

Crossjunkie’s prep guide

‘The Dales’ captures U18 Sam Roper’s 2012 3 Peaks

The Three Reichs – Der F├╝hrer’s entry goes astray

Erwin Wildhaber

Frischi: “A matter of honour”

53 photos from Ellie Jackson

Phil Haygarth: A year to forget


Crossjunkie reflects: ‘full survival mode’

Waugh. Huh. What is he good for?

A View From Helwith Bridge

John Rawnsley in ‘The Dalesman’

Craven Herald report

Anna Cipullo – cut-off in her prime

Alan Billington: Bob Graham Round not enough.

Sam Roper – youngest rider of 2012 – a blog

3 Peaks in 3 Minutes

Paul Meyer: “it can’t be this bad again, please no “

Three short 2012 video clips

Porsonal Worst but it’s just the best

2012: The final 3 peaks cyclocross.

Daniel Doncaster’s mini blog on club forum

It’s grim up North

Frischnecht: I do this crazy race only once in my lifetime

Tom Hill: After the Storm

Don’t win races… win Kudos!

Jason Miles – PB Position and a spring in his step

GS Avanti – noses to the fell

Hope’s snaps

Good day out for Hope

It’s rude to laugh, but…

Ed Edwards: long day out, longer blog

Sam Alison of Singular Cycles … 2 out of 3

Fastest singlespeeder Matt Brown’s 2012 blog

Peter Barton’s first survival

Twinkly Dave’s cold get’s the MTFU treatment

Split times a go go …. Neil Mansfield’s 2012 geek out

Rob Jebb & Victoria Wilkinson Interviewd on British Cycling

Racing Snakes’ IGB pics from 2012

View from the Gazebo

British Cycling PYG 2012 pics

Colt Coated in Mud

Grough’s 2012 write up

My own blog of the 2012 race

Cycling Weekly 2012 gallery from Andy Jones

Spectator’s view – “The Essence of Wetness”

Andrew Kennedy 2012 pics from Simon Fell

Cheryl King’s 2012 Photos

Cycling Weekly summary from 2012

British Cycling report & Results from Andrew Kennedy

Neil Coverley’s photos on Facebook

Ed Rollason photography’s Photo essay of the 2012 race

Greg May go under 4 hrs (… or May not)

Steve Riley: I’ve done my best, it’ll do. It’ll have to do.

Harder than Childbirth

Newbie Tom ’24’ Hill shares his thoughts before his first race

Craven Herald Preview for 2012

3 Peaks bike hacked!

History and roots article in upcoming issue of ‘Rouleur’

My own 2012 preview thoughts: Vengeance

2012 Preview on British Cycling site

1996 Results

1982 Results

1981 Results

1980 Results

1979 Results

1978 Results

Jason Miles: Worlds’ Silver Medal Mileage Man hits a peak

2011 3 Peaks video from Orlando Beakbane

Marco Locatelli’s blog of the 2011 race… from Italy

The loudest jersey in the Dales

Greg May – lessons learnt and lessons to learn

The Isle of Man TT of cyclocross

Geek Haven

Mark Mckie’s first time

Velocake Podium

Welland Valley back once more in strength

Crosstrax celebrate brilliant 2011 team victory with a movie

Adrian Nelhams returns

Ed Edwards, Kate Moss’ charming bosom c.2001 etc

Images from 2011 race by Andy Spencer

Paul Myers day of compassion

Otley Rich defies bad conditions

John the Scone’s Flickr Pics of PYG and Simon Fell

Adrian’s first time – elation and a healthy respectful terror

Phil’s Flickr Pics

Mark leaves his mark

Haygarth Breaks Bone shocker (no – not that one – it’s Phil)

Ingleborough Summit Videos by ‘walker with camera’

Neil Mansfield’s tough time in 2011

Singlespeed blues from Dave Barter

Nic Bertrand’s first time – will it be the last?

Russ Jones’ pics on Cross Crazy

Support Crew pics for Here Come the Belgians

Steve Riley: Once more unto the madness

Paul Watson’s drizzly road pics from Helwith Bridge

Crossjunkie’s blog update for 2011

Biketreks day out, minor tumbles and all

Twinkly Dave’s hard year

Warren Edmond’s video of the start

Ivan Boyes toils and battles with friends

Jason Miles : Chasing the big four-o -o

Andy Holden’s PYG and Simon Fell photos on Flickr

The Kinesis Crossdresser

Wheelbase’s year to forget… almost

Singletrack forum aftermath

Ed Rollason’s blog post of 2011

Dave Haygarth’s cracking year

Neil Coverley’s gallery on Facebook

Cycling Weekly photos

Gavin Hetherington’s Video of the 2011 race on Vimeo

Martin Henson’s CyclicngImages pics

Ed Rollason’s 2011 photos on Flickr

284 Photos from Steve Fleming on FLickr

Singled Out: Richard Seipp’s fixed gear record attempt

Everything’s gonna be all Whyte

To the launchpad

Recce – in the nick of time

Tapering blues (a short verse)

Genes reunited

Rapha’s Konrad Manning on a ‘peculiar’ race

2011 Preview on British Cycling wqebsite

Rouleur extract from Matt Seaton, from Penyghent 2010

Rob Jebb not riding the 2011 3 peaks

Steve Riley “goes long”, punctures, bends bars, eats… a grand day out

Rob Jebb shoulder rumours… the truth

You can’t beat a bit o’ Bully

Fixed gear: A niche record to have a pop at

Tubeless: The Holy Grail?

Richard Seipp exorcises those bike-carrying demons

Confused? You will be… First Time advice and conflicting opinions

Paul Oldham: “The Race that Comes Back to the Bike Rider”

2011 entries – some analysis

Get Cross – A Cyclocross Skills course with Skills expert Ed Oxley

Ryan Hawson’s pics on Facebook

Pics from Theo Stead on Facebook

The trip from Switzerland, and a discussion

Phil Haygarth: back after a year off

Simon Fox: Abusive Relationship

Delia Beddis’ first time on the Peaks

Scott Brown’s 2010 3 peaks pics on Picassa

123 Pics from Pete Hartley

Phil Haygarth’s gazillion photos on Flickr

Chris Riley’s 2010 story on the Will’s Wheels site

Cycling Weekly start ‘Page 6 stunna’ feature

CXMagazine’s 2010 report from the USA…

Fishy goings on

Mark Richmond’s first timer’s ‘blog’

Another video – great movie from Andy Holden

More Photos – Bina Briggs and Matt Muir

Penyghent Video

Lionel Meyringer: Broken in the front of saddle department

Shaggy John’s bikes before battle commenced

More Wheelbase photos on Flickr

Jason Miles’ 3rd attempt leaves a bitter taste

Neil Coverley’s ‘very special’ photos of a dedicated Nick Craig fan

Paul Myers’ faceplants and cramps… all in a day’s 3 peaks work

Keith Murray’s support team’s photos from Penyghent and Ribblehead

Russ Jones’ Facebook photo gallery

199 Photos from Team Wheelbase

Full rankings at each of the checkpoints 2010

Paul Masson… first time report

Ben Butler: 1st time, 1st U23, 1st of many

Rider video on the British Cycling site

Another Penyghent slideshow from Anthony – ‘wonkytripod’

My own blog of the 2010 race – “So I had to crack on with it.”

Richard Seipp’s photos available to buy in their original high quality…

Mark Baker – back after 16 yrs away

Alan Dorrington: The obligatory, cathartic post Peaks blog post

Andrea Halman’s blog post from the 2010 event

Melodrama from Steve Fleming

Cycling Weekly’s 25 well crafted pics

CyclingFocus photos from 2010

BikeRadar article on 3 Peaks 2010

109 more photos from 2010 uploaded by Richard Seipp

Garmin GPS records for the 2010 3 peaks cyclocross race

c. 1400 Photos on the SportSunday website

Penyghent and Gill Garth videos AND photos from TheWonkyTripod

50 pics from Richard Seipp

James Eddison

8 Photos by Bryn Lennon / Getty Images of 2010 race

Cycling Focus pics on Flickr

Wig Worland’s 2010 photos for British Cycling on Flickr

94 Photos from Ian Hodgson on Flickr

British Cycling article, video interviews, and full 2010 results

My Photos of the Helwith Bridge finish area, 2010

Bike News Asia feature on Robb Jebb and the 3 peaks

Cheryl King’s images from 2010

Dave Haygarth (hey… that’s me!) blogs pre-race

Cleverly underprepared

Another weather resource

Get LIVE updates on rider positions in the 3 peaks online

Konrad Manning’s countdown to the ‘Peaks on RoadCycling website

What’s Done Is Done

The Anxiety Thing

Mark Solomon’s ‘lessons learnt’ from 2009

Paul Masson’s first Three Peaks – Exclusive blog for 3PCX blog

Crossjunkie’s take on East Lancashire Sufferance: and some dates for your diaries

British Cycling ‘hints and tips’ from Nick Craig and Phil Ingham

The annual weight loss obsession

55 and three quarters of a day left. Recce time

What’s new? Dibbers back, Earlier start times..

Entry-mas Eve

Ten Speed double now within financial reach

1995 Results and report

28 photos and a number one super guy.

327 Penyghent photos from Anthony Crosland

Hundreds of Hi Res photos by Phil Haygarth on Flickr

Ian Cleverly and Simon Sarsbrook

Ireland’s Greg May’s energeting personal blog of 2009

Market Harborough’s local news… 3 Welland Valley finishers

Hundreds of Penyghent pics from Martin of CyclingImages

XXC Mag: Phil Ingham article and photos

Andy Nicoll’s puncture-spoiled race

Two years in… (at least) eight to go.

16 Flickr photos from Theo Stead

Pete Hartley’s 2009 pics from Gill Garth and PYG

One black dot (Paul Kelsall)’s first timer’s blog post

Flickr group opened….

Huntingdonshire travellers hit the north

Richard Seipp’s 2009 ride – a tale of a man’s relationship with his bike

Shaggy’s Singlespeed record: full blog post

Dave Powell – second time out and all the wiser

Steve Riley’s debut – “Vertical Chess”’s own site report ‘Team’ photos

Jason Miles: Rushed bike build but all came well in the end

Mick Kenyon’s photos from Penyghent Lane

‘Flyer’ in the 2009 program from Kevin White

Chris Pedder’s blog of the 2009 race –

Alan Dorrington’s trouble-free ride: something to build on.

Cycling Weekly Andy Jones pics 2009

Ian Hodgson hi res photos show the battle in detail

Yorkshire Post online report

Preview from XXC Mag

Photos from Brunscar Lane – a Flickr set by

Team Inov8 ‘team’ blog post

More photos on Flickr: CameraRepublic

My snaps from before and after

Cycling Weekly’s 2009 report

Singlespeed “record” crucified

More photos on Flickr: Wig Worland and

Trio’s premier

My own blog post about the 2009 race

STACKS of Early 2009 Photos on Flickr

Previews in the online media

Nick’s tips

The Three Bike “Strategy” explained

Lengthy posts in Singletrack forum

In Readiness

Fridays in Helmshore – our own little Helwith Bridge

Steve Riley: “the bemused looking bloke, trying to work the shifters”

September’s mismatch

Gears and gear

The Course in one minute flat

Stile Gurus

Great article on ’79 ‘international’ Three Peaks Cyclocross

No juniors (yet!) for 2009 race

2005 Whernside Photos from Richard Seipp

James Eddison – Skipton / Swiss rider’s account from 2008

Entry form concerns: Reactions, Context, The bigger picture

Entries online, entries offline.

Nick Craig: A Vet, but not done yet

Jebb’s peaks domination continues

Some photos from the 1980s

Three interviews in one: Bontrager, Jebb and Gould

Nick Craig and his monster 3 Peaks training ride

Quality Photos… this must mean Waugh

Brilliant Video from Simon and Will Fox

Newsletter article from Matthew Pixton

An elephant on a Penyghent?

Richard Seipp’s tale of 2008 “Ouch – that hurt”

Jebb’s Cannondale CX9

EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Page’s blog for

EXCLUSIVE: Leanne Thompson’s blog for

Andy Nicoll’s blog of his 3rd ride

Crossjunkie reports on a day helping out

Penyghent photos from Cycling Images

Official website photos up

Kennedy Images photos 2008

View from the saddle: Vin Cox’s video of the 2008 race

Lots of pics from Ribblehead from Ian Brierly

Video of first road section

Steve Makin set of pics on Flickr

Three more blog reports from riders

Phil Ingham reports from the inside

My own blog of the 2008 race

Some more early reports of the 2008 race: Cycling Weekly and British Cycling

Video of Penyghent descent

Fhoto slideshow from Horton Scar road


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