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Shaky Penyghent video from fev 3.1. on YouTube

Unsure of real name – fev 3.1 uploaded a slightly low quality and shaky vid but as ever they’re worth a…

Which rider will make it through the bog without falling off?

Great fun.  No harm done. 🙂

Paul Oldham’s modified, Three Peaks winning Scott Addict CX – Cycling Weekly

Nice short but descriptive tech piece here (with pics from Andy Jones) on Paul Oldham’s Scott Addict used for the…

James Lucas’ collection on Instagram

No specific trad blog or photo site to point to – James’s medium of choice is Instagram.  But these need…

Super Athlete Richard Roberts’ re-return 

After two ‘never again’s (2004 and 2008) Richard Roberts of Clwb Beicio’r Bala tried again this year and got round…

Paul Nutton’s short video of Gill Garth turn-off 2017

Blimey – how spread out can things get….? One minute of video at Gill Garth and still lots coming through

Paul Masson’s travel from the highlands worthwhile – read his blog 

After years of stalking one another on social media, it was great to meet Paul Masson briefly on Sunday. We…

Venn Diagram – the unofficial The Three Peaks Cyclocross T-Shirt now available!

Well… some of you asked. Your wish is my command. Buy the Three Peaks Cyclocross Venn diagram T-Shirt on Zazzle

Patrick Frost’s Penyghent summit Three Peaks 2017 photos 

Patrick Frost makes his way up Penyghent again for another cracking set.  The pictures on the ‘Stairway to Hell’ bring…

Joolze Dymond’s 80 images to view / buy from the 2017

Posted about Joolze’s trip up Ingleborough yesterday [here] and her mini blog. Oodles more lovely images here to browse and…

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